About These Walls Must Fall

These Walls Must Fall is a network of refugee and migrant campaigners working with allies and supporters for radical change.

We are already living under a hostile environment. Now, the Borders Bill is a threat to the Refugee Convention, the Policing Bill seeks to criminalise protest and the Human Rights Act is under attack.

We need to come together to resist these challenges, and fight for an alternative society. We need to fight to defend and extend our rights. We need a movement based on radical solidarity, to counter the government’s racist hostile environment. That movement must come from and be led by the grassroots, the people at the sharp end. And it needs solidarity from across all communities.

Our values and principles

Foregrounding people with experience

These Walls Must Fall aims to put the voices and views of people directly affected by immigration enforcement at the centre of campaigning. We support people to speak out as experts rather than victims, and to take leading roles in campaigning.


We believe that people without immigartion problems need to stand alongside those directly affected, to work together for change. We actively seek to involve allies. Solidarity is about doing things with people, rather than for people. We encourage allies to act from a place of solidarity and justice, rather than pity or charity, and our campaigning seeks to galvanise outrage leading to change.

Self-help and mutual aid

These Walls Must Fall focuses on campaigning, but we aim to support people to understand the immigration system, how to mitigate some of the damage, how to help themselves and others. Our training and skill-share workshops help people to fight for their rights against the oppression of the immigration system, and to protect and support each other.


The border enforcement regime is a racist system. We are committed to the principles of anti-racism, and we see the campaign for migration justice as part of the wider struggle against racism in our society. We are opposed to racism, and recognise that to simply oppose it is not sufficient and a commitment to resisting it must be active and ongoing.