Close The Camps UK is a coalition of grass-roots groups organising against the Home Office housing of asylum seekers in Napier Barracks, an old army accommodation in Kent that has been declared unfit for purpose.

A day of action and solidarity has been called:

Saturday 22 May at Napier Barracks!

This is a repost of details from Close The Camps UK. Find out more at their website

The UK Home Office is using abandoned army barracks to house vulnerable people. Right now in the UK, asylum seekers are being forced to live in prison-like conditions, with no release date and in complete violation of their fundamental human rights.

This is a call to action. 

On Saturday 22 May we will travel to Kent to stand in solidarity with Napier residents.

We will show them they are not alone and they are not forgotten. We will offer our care and friendship, practical support and any experience we can share. We will tell them that their struggle is our struggle – against racist borders and a violent state. 

We will hear from residents about the conditions at the camp, offer legal support, provide community organising training, enjoy games and craft activities and share a meal to end the day. 

We will also meet some of the local groups organising around Kent and find out about ways to support their work.

Join us on 22 May, 2pm-6pm, for a day of solidarity with asylum seekers housed in Napier Barracks.

Please bring picnic blankets, Halal / vegetarian food and non-alcoholic drinks to share, footballs, kites and board games, rainproof infrastructure e.g. gazebos, tables with umbrellas, umbrellas, tarp and rope.

To keep everyone safe, please make sure you wear a mask and stay in the group you arrived with. Workshops and activities will run in small numbers and with social distancing. If you’d like to run a workshop please get in touch via the contact form below.

You can arrive at Napier by public transport from Folkestone or by car. We are also arranging for coaches from London and . Some shared transport will be covered by groups involved, but we would be grateful for any donations to help with this cost.