Over the past few months, Right to Remain have been planning and delivering a series of workshops on the potential impact of the Illegal Migration Act. On 6th October, These Walls Must Fall campaigners joined with Right to Remain staff to organise and facilitate a community session in Manchester for old and new allies.

The session was led by Legal Education Officer Yumna, and it was a remarkable experience. Planning this event required an immense amount of effort and careful coordination to ensure its success. Campaigners found sending out invitations easier due to their  involvement with local groups that focus on assisting people seeking asylum, refugees and migrants. We believed that these organisations would greatly benefit from the workshop, and their involvement and expertise would be instrumental in its success.

The workshop turned out to be a resounding success, with an impressive turnout. We had over 15 respective organisations come together under one roof. Maggy, Organiser with These Walls Must Fall (TWMF), noted that: 

“The significant presence of organisations speaks volumes about the community’s commitment and vision for Manchester – one that is united, welcoming, diverse, and fearless in advocating for the dignity and humanity of all”. 

Haidy, TWMF member, expressed how the event left a sense of hope within the attendees. Even when navigating a challenging system, they now know they have the support of a loving community. She added:

“It’s a reassuring feeling to know that we belong to a community that cares deeply about our shared goals”.

TJ, fellow TWMF member, was particularly excited about the workshop because it provided a platform to practise her public speaking. Her brief moment on stage, introducing the next speaker, may seem trivial but it was a valuable experience for her. Standing in front of such a diverse and respected audience was a heart pounding moment, but it helped boost her confidence. The crowd’s warm reception has left TJ ready and eager to do it again.

A member of Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) commented on the event’s impact, highlighting its significance in providing crucial information. They mentioned that the asylum system is constantly changing and can be challenging to keep up with. The knowledge gained from the workshop will be shared within their organisation to ensure that everyone is informed and empowered.

The positive impact of the workshop resonated with both the organisers and the participants. The event was a testament to the power of collective effort and community support in striving for a better, more inclusive society.

We are running two more online sessions covering the impact of the Illegal Migration Act.

Register for the 19th October 2023 event here.

Register for the 15th November 2023 event here.