Have you heard about Manchester, Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Islington and Liverpool councils ALL passing These Walls Must Fall motions against immigration detention?  Is this something you want to happen where you live?  Read our simple ‘how to’ guide on getting a council motion passed, and you can use the text below to help draft a motion with local councillors in your area.

Notice of Motion – Ending immigration detention.

This Council believes that the UK’s immigration detention system is not fit for purpose and the Government must end immigration detention. Therefore, this Council:
  • Endorses the These Walls Must Fall Campaign
  • Calls on the Government to implement the recommendations of the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into detention.
  • Asks our local MPs to support the spirit of the motion, to raise the matter in the House of Commons, and to support changes in current laws and procedures to introduce alternatives to detention.
  • Seeks further support for the motion via the Local Government Association, and by encouraging other Councils in the UK to show their support on this issue.
Proposed by Councillor xxx, Seconded by xxx, and also signed by Councillors xxxx