As we gear up for a critical Right to Remain workshop on the 4th of October in Manchester, addressing the impacts of the Illegal Migration Act, recent developments have highlighted the pressing need to raise awareness and mobilise support for those seeking asylum, particularly vulnerable groups like LGBTQ+ individuals and women.

Disturbingly, Suella Braveman’s recent statements have attacked the very idea of offering protection to these groups as refugees. Such remarks undermine the principles of compassion and justice, which are at the core of our work.

These Walls Must Fall Campaigners have voiced their concerns, with one stating, “The war we are fleeing is not composed of bullets and bombs, but it inflicts emotional destruction and lifelong scars. Simply because our scars aren’t visible, it doesn’t diminish our humanity.”

Another campaigner shared their fear that the asylum system is slowly eroding, saying, “I personally feel like the asylum tree branches are slowly being chopped off. By the time we wake up, there will be only a stem left.”

Braveman’s track record, including her continuing enthusiasm for the Rwanda plan, raises questions about her commitment to justice and compassion in asylum matters.

In response to these distressing developments, one of our allies said:

We are asking for the privileged community to stand in the gap and fight for these vulnerable marginalised groups and everyone else facing discrimination and hostility in the asylum process.

Maggy, These Walls Must Fall Organiser, said: “We are talking about people’s lives that are being lost everyday in different countries, it’s quite a sensitive and serious issue that should not be taken lightly. There is too much hate already towards those seeking asylum and Suella’s comments fuel it.”

Jane Traies, Research Associate at University of Sussex, said: “If we needed further proof of the present government’s cenophobia and homophobia, the Secretary of State’s recent speech has provided. If this was an attempt to draw attention away from the current asylum backlog, and her party’s total failure to manage the UK’s asylum system, it will not work. We are not fooled and we must resist. Stop spreading hate, Ms Braverman!”

We believe that our community workshop on the 4th of October can serve as a platform to raise awareness, foster solidarity, and spark change. We invite you to join us in this important endeavour to protect the rights and dignity of people seeking asylum.