Volunteers needed for online fundraising events

Are you a performer, musician or DJ? Or do you have expertise on streaming online events? Or do you want to volunteer to get involved and help? We’re looking for people to help us to raise urgent funds for local projects, and support the campaign to end immigration detention.

Leave no one behind

During this crisis, everyone is at risk, but many people with insecure immigration status are particularly in need of help. They don’t qualify for government help, and are missing out on local voluntary initiatives.

Living under the government’s hostile environment is hard enough at the best of times. This means people living in sub-standard, shared accommodation, or in run-down overcrowded hostels, or couch-surfing with friends. It means surviving on just £5 a day benefits, or being completely destitute with no right to work and no rights to any state support or benefits. It means being scared to ask for help or healthcare in case someone reports you to the authorities, even if you know you’ve done nothing wrong.

Lockdown sessions to bring down walls

We will be hosting online fundraising and awareness raising events during lockdown, streaming music and performances online. We are looking for DJs and performers who can take part in this, as well as people with technical knowledge of streaming platforms who can help it run smoothly. We also need our campaigners to help organise, plan and promote!

Where will the money go?

We will be raising funds for local groups who urgently need money to support at-risk migrants with food parcels and other support. Many migrants, such as people seeking or who have been refused asylum, are not able to access mainstream support services.

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