These Walls Must Fall Campaigner and activist Wilson Mukerjee has been granted an award for his contribution to serving the Merseyside community, in his work with Asylum Link Merseyside (ALM). ALM provides space for asylum seekers and refugees to meet, relax and spend time with the local community.

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award available to volunteer groups in the UK was awarded to Asylum Link earlier this month. Wilson and his wife Ruth (who runs the kitchen at Asylum Link) were both awarded recognition for their contributions. 

Wilson Mukerjee receives award
Wilson receives his Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

Wilson said “This award is an honour not just for me, but for my family, and my community. In spite of my own difficulties, I always strive to help humanity.”

Speaking of the Asylum Link Center, a spokesperson said “It’s a place where worlds collide, and each day swings from the lows of destitution to the high of old friends getting leave to remain after years of waiting. Underpinning everything is the volunteers who make this a place of hope, and when we can get it, happiness.” The charity added “This award is for our volunteers, for their generosity, their tenacity and their drive to help. Without them, most of what happens at Asylum Link Merseyside couldn’t take place. 

We are proud to have Wilson as a campaigner with Liverpool These Walls Must Fall, send hearty congratulations and great respect for his dedication to serving his community. 

It’s a pleasure to see his hard work getting recognition!

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